CaliMakWeb Solutions Work Culture

Work Culture Around The India

We are committed to delivering values and our mission is to be "Best Service Providing Company " in the country in Retail industry. Our IT team backed with indigenously developed system. 

All employees in our organization take pride to work in Fresh & Easy Every job is well accomplished which is recognized through various HR initiatives. Our business process is decentralized through empowerment and employees have freedom to work. We support initiatives and employees are encouraged to work without fear. We have positioned ourselves as a ´learning organization´ where all employees have an opportunity to learn and grow. MakWeb Solution is full of smart, talented and efficient team members and professionals. In MakWeb Solution professionals have freedom to work. 

More than anything our company is a  fun work place. We hire highly qualified candidates who are willing to work with enthusiast. We don’t just work but we innovate on different things also. As the largest Retail Organization, MakWeb Solution enables other partner companies to produce more breakthroughs .

At MakWeb Solution we collaborate with other clients too. People work on multi-disciplinary projects that quickly lead to long term projects that last for years. People work in an environment where their mind quickly gets diverted to innovative and advanced thinkers. We search for people who have never met challenges by adding value to them and train them to meet our desired standards with effective results. With a track record of delivering mission critical solution, MakWeb Solution is a leading provider of Retail Service to a wide array of customer. 

We are a learning organization who encourages development of knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable our people to perform to their full potential. We have developed a corporate-wide training programme to bring learning to the work place through the use of in-house, qualified trainers. Individual training needs are identified, training objectives are set, the appropriate module implemented and finally effectiveness of the training is analysed and evaluated through the training MIS. The objective of the training is to build competencies to respond to the dynamic business environment and to build leadership. Most of our managers have risen from the ranks.
Our Principle :-
  We Encourage Freedom In Communication Of Thoughts And Ideas In All Our Interactions.
  We Value Integrity All Times.
  We Encourage And Inculcate In All Winning Attitude.
  We Encourage Learning, Self-Development And Building Effective Leadership.
  We Provide A Work Place Where Each And Every Employee Is Nurtured.
  We Will Encourage Passion And Enthusiasm For Work, Service Quality And Customer Care.
  We  Project A Positive, Caring And Professional Image Of Ourselves And Our Services All The Time.
  We Will Continue To Be A Law-Abiding, Apolitical .